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Sewer Camera Inspection of Spokane

Special $175: Sewer Camera Work. Kalin Rooter and Drain will TV and Locate Sewer Lines.

We eliminate the guesswork by using state-of-the art equipment to:

  • verify the blockage
  • determine the nature of the clog quickley
  • locate collapsed clay pipe
  • inspect new & old pipe
  • recognize problem areas
  • prevent future damage & clogs
  • locate underground connections

All of this is done without digging a single trench

Most common causes for sewer problems may include

  • leaks
  • collapsed or crushed clay pipe
  • tree roots
  • grease build-up
  • broken pipe connections

Continue reading to learn more about our sewer inspection service.

Sewer camera inspection is a form of telepresence used to visually inspect the interiors of sewer pipelines. A common application for a sewer camera inspection is to determine the condition and recommend repairs of small diameter sewer lines and household connection pipes. Kalin Rooter and Drain of Spokane has the tools and know-how to do a sewer camera inspection.

Picture of Sewer Camera Inspection

Older sewer lines of small diameter are made by the union of a number of short sections. Camera sewer inspections can see roots from trees and vegetation if they work into the joints between sections. Roots can be forceful enough to break open a larger opening in terra cotta or corroded cast iron sewer lines, a video sewer camera inspection can warn if this is about to happen or see if it already has. Eventually a root ball will form that will impede the flow of the sewer line, this may cleaned out by a process called Hydro Jetting or a cutter mechanism and subsequently inhibited by use of a chemical foam - a rooticide.

Picture of Sewer Camera Inspection

With modern video equipment the interior of the sewer pipe may be inspected - this is a form of non-destructive testing. A small diameter collector pipe will typically have a cleanout access at the far end and will be several hundred feet long, terminating at a manhole. Additional collector pipes may discharge at this manhole and a pipe (perhaps of larger diameter) will carry the effluent to the next manhole, and so forth to a pump station or treatment plant.


Who should have a video sewer camera inspection done?

If you’ve had a sewer or drain back-up, chances are it’s not the first and won’t be the last, and most likely needs to be repaired. The problems aren’t fun and no one likes to deal with them multiple times, but that’s just what happens when a system starts to fail. By having Kalin Rooter and Drain of Spokane do a sewer camera inspection, you can eliminate the question of what’s causing the problem and can identify whether or not this is going to be a recurring issue and the best option for repair. Whether it’s deterioration due to age or roots finding their way to water, Kalin Rooter and Drain of Spokane will be able to see the problem and present you with your options.

After the video sewer camera inspection!

After the sewer camera inspection, Kalin Rooter and Drain of Spokane will help you determine the best and most affordable option for repairing your sewer pipes. Wether that be roto-rooting, hydrojetting or pipebursting.

What is Rooting

A sewer rooter is essentially a wire with a hook attacked that is designed to clear out a clog or blockage. When applied, it can remove buildup without damaging pipes or requiring them to be removed.

What is HydroJetting?

Hydrojetting is a sewer cleaning process that utilizes large volumes of water under very high pressure to literally scour the walls of the drain and sewer pipes. Kalin Rooter and Drain of Spokane has specialized equipment to clean sewer drain pipes.

What is Pipe bursting?

Pipe bursting is a well-established method for trenchless repair of worn out and undersized sewer pipes. An existing sewer pipe is replaced size-for-size or up-sized with a new pipe in the same location.